WR Recruitment Agency works with professionals and their families to place them in locations that will support their success. We differentiate ourselves by our ability to provide opportunities in Guyana, which is our core market but as global thinkers, we are attuned to the cultural differences a multi-national work force will face once in Guyana.

We have a structured Employee Onboarding program to help new employees settle in and pay special attention to families by providing cross-cultural orientation and information to the new professional’s spouse and children, parents and other important people about location specific needs such as social, medical, housing schooling and travel. We assist the client company’s recruitment department to support the family’s transition in Guyana so the experience can be as positive as possible. Upload your resume here

Job opportunities in:

  • Engineering
  • Exploration and development
  • Business
  • Refinery
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • HR and Finance
  • Commissioning
  • Legal
  • HSE
  • IT/Systems
  • Drilling
  • Pipeline
  • Payroll Services
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