Introduction & Legislation

Guyana’s Compliances Regulation is still in its infancy. Legislation on this matter is being introduced next year. WR recruitment and sister companies have always give a fair treatment to personnel by paying them good and on time. We have been a forerunner in this field and are implemented International Compliances regulations based on the following principles:

  1. Tax adherence

Adhering to Guyana’s Tax Agency regulations forms the main part of our Payroll compliances. It plays a crucial role in our approach towards workers and the wages we pay them. These regulations encompass a variety of duties, including:

  1. Due Diligence Procedures
    1. Clients background check
    2. Appearance on Commerce Department’s Denied Companies list
    3. Check if the client has been part of a criminal or civil investigation
  2. Fair treatment of employees (10 UN Universal Principles)

Corporate sustainability in which Human rights, freedom of association and protecting the environment are key values in the way we treat our workers.

  1. Gender Equality

Components of our Gender Equality Approach are:

  1. Full participation of each gender in the workplace
  2. Each gender has Equal opportunities achieve to leadership positions
  3. Acceptance rather than discrimination against those who have caregiving and family responsibilities
  4. Equal pay for equal work
  5. Disable people fair chance of employment
  6. H&S OSHA standards
  7. WR Compliance Program Elements:
    1. anti-boycott policy/procedures
    2. anti-corruption compliance policy / procedure
    3. anti-corruption due diligence on third parties
    4. Compliances Training Program

policy / procedures for gifts and hospitality of government officials

Strategic Partners